Barro de Cobre mezcal packaging by Savvy studio

Beautiful Mezcal Branding by Savvy Studio

Savvy is a design, architecture and branding studio based in New York and Mexico focused on sharing unique stories. For one of their latest projects they designed the packaging for a Barro de Cobre

다음 @Behance 프로젝트 확인: “BARRO DE COBRE”

Branding and packaging by Mexican design studio Savvy for twice distilled Oaxaca mezcal Barro de Cobre.

Gin. My favorite.

ADDICTION as a mental state, cut into portraiture images to convey how one becomes dependent on the object they're addicted to

Natural Soy Candle in a reusable Whisky Glass

Natural Soy Candle in a reusable Whisky Glass (Holiday Gifts, Aging Hipster Edition) :)



Sort of Coal - Kuro Shampoo

A black shampoo to pamper your hair with a delicious and thorough cleansing, leaving it perfectly clean, healthy and lustrous. Especially suited for normal and oily hair, this shampoo is made with active White Charcoal powder from juvenile Korean Red Pine