Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Foot

Linked to American native culture, dreamcatcher design is full of symbolism and history. Although dreamcatchers are now used for decorative purposes, they

Everyone has a feather with birds coming off of it but no one has a pretty birds with several pretty feathers coming off....

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Dream catcher tattoos are a unique division of the feather tattoo that has strong foundations in Native American culture. It is a popular design among women. This is partly because of its deeper me…

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Dreamcatcher Tattoos And Designs

The last of the dreamcatcher tattoos in this selection is this kickass foot tattoo, just a work of art.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos On Ankle Dreamcatcher ankle tattoo,

"Chasing my dreams one step at a time" dreamcatcher ankle tattoo, my favorite --- everything about this= yessss!

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