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Algarrobos House / José María Saez   Daniel Moreno Flores

Image 15 of 39 from gallery of Algarrobos House & José María Sáez + Daniel Moreno Flores. Courtesy of Jose Maria Saez & Daniel Moreno


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Amazing detail.  [who is the architect?]

Casa Cher is an incredible concrete and glass home in the forest of Mar Azul, Argentina, designed by BAK Architects

juranda house / apiacas arquitetos
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Juranda House / Apiacás Arquitetos

Apiacás Arquitetos designed the Juranda House in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On the narrow urban plot with dimensions of 6 x 24 m the house is straightened up.

Shrimp House | UID Architects


Shrimp is a minimalist house located in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by UID Architects, that& made up of three, connected volumes.

Smart Glass: Flip a Switch to Make Opaque Turn Transparent // There are various methods employed to make the transition, but one of the most fascinating involves low-power electrochromatic devices that can be activated in a variety of clever ways. Essentially, a current is passed through the window panel to turn it from transparent to translucent then back again – the voltage does not need to be sustained in between.

Smart Glass: Flip a Switch to Make Opaque Turn Transparent. Clever way of adding privacy without creating small blocky rooms within spaces


Sharing for better quality, Please Pin it And Like ! Studio PMK + Designers envisioned a two-story penthouse in Kaohsiung, Taiwan entitled Lai Residence and developed for a younger couple and their . - Penthouse in Taiwan