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Cano Lasso - Viviendas En El Casco Histórico De Cadiz

Gallery of Housing in the Historic District of Cadiz / Cano Lasso - 26

BP architectures — M9-C Paris Rive Gauche — Details — Frames — Europaconcorsi

There were two challenges in designing the project: having to mix four different uses - school, culture, housing and parking - on one complicated plot; and addressing the issues of density and shaping the city on the edge of Paris’s arrondiss.


sergio fumagalli — Palasport a Carnago — Details — Facades - Europaconcorsi

Construção poética em França - HQROOM

Поэтичная постройка во Франции

Images by Antonin Ziegler. Beyond the Walls On the last path before the earth falls away into the sea, a small country house is tucked into an embankment.

Biblioteca Ebracher Hof, Schweinfurt

Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten — Biblioteca Ebracher Hof, Schweinfurt — Image 14 of 14 - Europaconcorsi

façade details Vallecas 11/SOMOS Arquitectos

Vallecas 11 / SOMOS Arquitectos

Completed in 2009 in Madrid, Spain. Images by SOMOS Arquitectos. From the first moment we saw ourselves forced to MAINTAIN the VOLUME of the block, since the urban plan had already fixed it in order to establish a.

Une coupe bien renseignée! Sección constructiva. Oficinas para la Junta de Castilla y León en Zamora. Por Alberto Campo Arquitectos.

Alberto Campo Baeza — The offices of the Castilla León Junta in Zamora — Details — Facades — Europaconcorsi-Construction Drawing

rammed earth house slab - Google Search-construction Drawing

Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre / DIALOG

U.S. Commercial Port of Entry & Border Station / Robert Siegel Architects

Gallery of U.S. Commercial Port of Entry & Border Station / Robert Siegel Architects - 11

Image 11 of 13 from gallery of U. Commercial Port of Entry & Border Station / Robert Siegel Architects.

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Magney House : Glenn Murcutt’s disinclination for mechanical air-treatment and his quest for a comfortable, low-maintenance home led him back to the basic principles of passive design and in this case a reverse brick veneer walling system.