Chile, large map. El país más largo y estrecho. No hace frontera con Brasil. Me encanta la geografía de Chile.

Drove from Peru to Chile when I was Got really sick from the elevation, but would like to go again. My paternal grandmother was from Chile.

Santiago de Chile (Museo Artequin). CHL.-

Museo Artequin, near Quinta Normal, Santiago Argentina; Andes in bkgrd of Bariloche

Cerro San Cristòbal, Santiago de Chile

Hiked up to Cerro San Cristòbal, Santiago de Chile

Terraza Neptuno, Santiago, Chile

Terraza Neptuno on Cerro Santa Lucia, Santiago, Chile. Cerro Santa Lucía Mountain is a scenic lookout, and trail and the best place to get a panoramic view of Santiago.

Bellas Artes, el centro neuralgico de Santiago de Chile

Algo pasa con Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile - Bellavista by lunicko, via Flickr

Santiago de Chile - Bellavista It was a great place to find Lapis lazuli at good prices.

Santiago, Chile. A quiet morning in Parque Forestal.

Parque Forestal, Santiago, Chile This is wher I used to sit and read El Mercurio while waiting for my wife at her college.