Hand-painted silk on a Mirrix Looms

Hand-painted silk on a Mirrix Looms.made a belt once on a hand loom/stick loom like this: very strong belt.


Marianne Werkmeister Textile Art - pinner said: this kind of art is my favorite for summer doings - somewhere outside - using brocken branches and long grass - listen to the birds and the bees!

"mar de piedra"..maravilloso paisaje en tonos neutros y grises, con piedra pómez del Caulle cadena volcánica, y los hilos muy gruesos.♥ de Marianne Werkmeister

Marianne Werkmeister (detail) (The beading part of this would look great on a felting project or something else I make)

Alter.Nativo La Tienda : Telares-Diseño-Decoración

I've been wanting to step outside my "it must be practical and useful" box and learn to create art and beauty like this!