Tatiana Radisic

Tatiana Radisic

Tatiana Radisic
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Por qué, porque, porqué.

Nivel for native speakers as well as learners

lil kid crayon caddy tutorial.... I see some Christmas gifts

Just Another Hang Up: Lil' Kid Crayon Caddy Tutorial. Crayon caddy for Pixie's birthday

"Love, the greatest of all things."

Totally going to have the kids do this, but i think i will paint the canvas first so its not white letters? Totally going to have the kids do this,…


Alice in Wonderland illustration by Katogi Mari

Ideias, ideias, ideias...

DIY oganizing with paper rolls, baby formula bottles, etc

Clasificación de los sustantivos - Classification of Nouns in Spanish

de los sustantivos - Classification of Nouns in Spanish

Participios regulares e irregulares en español - Explicación y actividad online (A2/B1) en www.profedeele.es | @ProfeDeELE.es.es.es.es.es.es.es.es.es.es

Past participles in Spanish, regular and irregulars. Participios regulares e…

Que los ojos de los que te leen no sangren

Helpful infograph for heritage learners!

Adjetivos Demonstrativos - Demonstrative Adjectives in Spanish

Spanish Grammar Notes and Reference Guide about Demonstrative Adjectives (Adjetivos Demonstrativos) by Woodward Spanish.

Me encanta escribir en español: Juego de conjugacion de verbos (el presente del indicativo).

Hi, Claire! We found some Classroom Decor and Critical Thinking Pins and boards for you!