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Casa rústica na Bahia com vista para o mar

Escondida entre os povoados de Trancoso e Caraíva está a praia do Espelho, no litoral sul da Bahia. Foi lá que a psicóloga Angela viveu a maior aventura de sua vida: ter uma casa à beira-mar para viver momentos inesquecíveis em família

Build a Clay (Cob) Oven in Your Yard!

blog with practical info on natural building materials & techniques, including strawbale, cob, clay & lime plaster, living roofs, adobe floors, & more

Cob Shed - Natures-Haven North Norfolk #shedoftheyear

Cob Shed Natures-Haven from North Norfolk owned by Emma Whalley | #shedoftheyear

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The roof of your house is often not noticed, but did you know that the roof of a house that you usually notice can usually bring changes in your home. The roof of the house besides being a protecto…

'Naturally Cool' Cob Playhouse Built for $30

If you're looking for a really unique idea for a kids' playhouse, check out this adorable little cob house by Adam on Instructables. Built in California where summers are scorching hot, "naturally cool" describes more than just

Voice of Nature: Photo

~ A space where I let the inspiration of Nature speak, sharing the beauty, magic, wisdom and wonder of our green planet, and her dreams and wishes of our magnificent future together ~

Natural Home Interiors

Most of us live in very conventional homes with smooth, plasterboard walls, nice square corners, regulation height ceilings and perfectly symmetrical windows. They're nice, they're neat, but if we really, really look at them, most of our houses are very boring. On the other hand, we have 'natural homes'. Sure there might be lots of dust traps, but they appeal to the human side of our soul... that side that knows we are a part of nature.That’s why most of us find 'natural homes' strangely…

Cob Home with a Reciprocal Roof | The Shelter Blog

Les Tit'B Libres is a group of young French artists living communally in handmade structures, such as this cob home with a reciprocal roof.


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Strawbale House — Strawbale House

Roof framing and sheathing

Cob Cottage Workshop in Gualala, California. October 2010