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Raul Ignacio del Pino

Raul Ignacio del Pino
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Cool eeveelution concepts

Eeveelutions w/ Eeveelution ideas - love the ideas, like the jousting metal type eeveelution!// The fighting type appeals to me most

Pokemon Legendaries

I am a Pokémon freak! Give me a Pokémon and I can tell you everything about that certain Pokémon. I have been watching and playing Pokémon ever since I was real little. I am a Pokémon master!

Pokemon- Golem

Pokemon Crystal Version - Pokemon of the Day: Golem (

Awesome, Epic

My first Pokemon fan art XD. With a little bit of my style, of course. I know that Gengar has red eyes, but well. in this pic, blue fits better in my .

Children Learn What They Live Poem by Dorothy Law by karimachal, $18.00

beady_eyes cute female flying helicopter_motion lying mammal nintendo on_front pokémon raichu rodent shadow simple_background solo video_games what white_background