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Here is the full Small Dog Agility competition at the 2016 Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals hosted by Purina Pro Plan.

4 Amazing Ice Cream Cakes

4 Amazing Ice Cream Cakes

Camel Hump Climber Dog Training Event

Are you looking for a dog agility tunnel? Learn about dog tunnel variations and other dog training equipments and how to pick the best one for your needs in our extensive guide.

The Tether Tug XL is an interactive toy designed to keep your dog healthy, happy, and entertained.

Indoor Tether Tug Dog Toy is best for dogs under 30 lbs, but can be used for dogs over this weight in the proper environment. The Indoor Tether Tug slides under a heavy piece of furniture and allows the same tugging action as its outdoor companion.

dog obstacle course. Anna would be too scared and just be 100 lbs of whimpering Bernese! Haha

Only six months after undergoing a unique and innovative surgery at Michigan State University, Jake – part dog and now part machine – spends his time working out on an underwater treadmill, traversing obstacle courses and prancing around pain free.

Sensory garden to de-stress dogs at Bath animal shelter

Bath Cats and Dogs Home sensory garden - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

K9 Mist Hoop Tunnel | Dog Park Equipment

The Mist Hoop Tunnel is easy to install and adds a fun, low-flow waterpark style element to most any dog-friendly space. Dogs love to weave through the hoops and enjoy the cooling mist on hot days!

Enrichment is big think for pets these days. The more puppies experience, the more socialized they will be. That is a certainty. And that is always something their future pet owners will appreciate. Definitely not a waste of time to consider some of these enrichment techniques !

We built an Avidog Adventure Box to enrich our puppies' world. Watch them as they explore new sights and sounds.

Could make one of these for some backyard fun :)

We host dog seminars at Canine Horizons. This site features pictures, articles and videos about Standard Poodles, about parti-color Standard Poodles, Bridge and Target techniques, musical canine freestyle.