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Les réseaux sociaux inventés dans les années 50, imaginez...

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Vintage social network advertisment - Brazilian ad agency Moma, designed some beautiful and funny social media inspired vintage campaigns for the Maximidia Media Seminars. The Sao Paulo based studio.

vintage facebook ad

From Brazilian advertising agency Moma comes this nifty set of vintage advertisements for popular websites. The design appears to be based on styles from the

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The Brazilian Ad Agency Moma Propaganda has created an ingenious ad series based on how social media ads might have looked if social networking was firmly implanted in the public zeitgeist of the Sounds like a screenplay for an episode of

Facebook cartel

Stéphane Massa-Bidal aka or Rétrofuturs is a french illustrator and graphic designer who recreated vintage textbooks using popular sites and social media tools as the subjects.

Poster Publicidad Vintage Youtube 54 X 37

Poster Publicidad Vintage Youtube 54 X 37