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Festive Fears

Festive Fears by Zavial - you can commercially print with white ink nowadays - yep, that's right - from a straightforward, although high end, digital printing machine.

Psicología de color

Psicología de color #infografia #infographic #design #marketing

ชอบเลย   by Daniel Meyer

A human eye in a triangle with butterfly wings and a mandala flower visualizes an upside down skull in this tattoo by Daniel Meyer

#Infografía La anatomía tipográfica #TIPOGRAFIA

Infografía: La anatomía tipográfica

I remember making things like this in college for Typography. I had Sabon.

Font: Futura by Paul Renner. This is a gorgeous and well-designed poster. The slight skew of the layout makes for a more unique design. I am a huge fan of the hot pink, grey and white. Futura is a beautiful and modern font!

"B is for Bauhaus" by Deyan Sudjic An A-Z of the Modern World of Design

Competition: three "design dictionaries" by Deyan Sudjic to be won