En el río calle calle se está bañando la luna. Valdivia, Chile. Bella imagen!

Photograph Dressed up for the night by Charles Brooks on

Castillo Wulff - Viña del Mar, Chile - living on the edge, imagine the build, trying to get the concrete to set!

Castillo Wulff, Viña del Mar, Chile--my castle on the ocean, if i am going to dream, this would be IT for me;

Vina Del Mar, Chile

I really want to go to Vina Del Mar, Chile. I hope my special Chilean guide won't mind taking me there one day .

Flower clock in Viña del Mar, Chile

El Reloj de Flores--Vina del Mar, Chile Touristy, but such a classic (am I enough of a local to be able to say that?

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