Rodrigo Saguer Pacheco

Rodrigo Saguer Pacheco

Rodrigo Saguer Pacheco
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Into the Dim - Retro Turn-Based RPG (iOS)

"Into the Dim" , a minimilastic turn-based RPG for iOS with monochrome pixel art that looks too good to be true.

Pixel Art Tutorial - Colors by *Kiwinuptuo on deviantART

This is a reupload of the tutorial by Kiwinuptuo (who is no longer on deviantart) on the color process of pixel art. Pixel Art Tutorial - Colors By Kiwinuptuo

30 Excellent Pixel Art Tutorials For Pixel Lovers

If you're born in I am sure that you have witnessed the glorious age of the pixel art.

DITHERING TUTORIAL - Basics by on @deviantART

As per usual with my tutorials, while this is sorted into the Paint Shop Pro category, it can be applied to most graphic programs capable of pixel art, such as MS Paint or Photoshop.