Romina Antonia

Romina Antonia

Romina Antonia
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Shakespeare quote tattoo though she be but little she is fierce collar bone tattoo beautiful

iloveit collected marvelous tattoo quotes on girls's collar bone in I wish I had one collar bone tattoo quote like that. Discover the best & seductive collar bone tattoo quotes, love tattoo quote, life tattoo quote.

Reason why I want this Tattoo: Sunflowers are known to be the "happiest of flowers", and their meanings include loyalty and longevity. Where I would get it: My foot or under my collar bone.

Black and white sunflower tattoo. Sunflowers were one of Angie's favorite things. :) If I could muster up the courage, I would get a sunflower tattoo in memory of her.

Sunflower tattoo. You are my sunshine tattoo. Shoulder tattoo. Quote tattoo. Flower tattoo..

My mother always sang this song to me. She is always my sunshine when it feels as if everything else is cloudy and grey. Her favorite flower is the sunflower. My tattoo in memory of the most influential person in my life.