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flowers with the words, these are the best cut flowers to grow your first season
Top Cut Flowers + a Field Plan
Your goal is simple — you want to grow a good mix of easy to grow flowers that’ll allow you to make gorgeous bouquets. But how many do you plant? How do you plant your field? Should you grow just as much statice as you do zinnias? The questions just keep coming. This article will answer all of that!
How and why to deadhead zinnias by Flowers, Plants, Zinnias, Dead Head, Tiny Flowers, Ornamental Plants, Pruners, Bloom, Garden
How & Why To Deadhead Zinnias
Find out why it's beneficial to deadhead zinnias for continual blooms all summer long! Also, learn just how easy it is to do!
three tips for growing zinnas in the garden with text overlay that reads, 3 tips for growing zinnas
3 Tips for Growing Zinnias
I am a huge fan of zinnias! Why? Because they are easy to grow, have an incredible vase life, require little work, are STUNNING with their ruffled petals, and are the foundation of our flower farm summer market bouquets. Over the years I’ve tried growing many different varieties of zinnias and today I’m sharing my top three favorite seed varieties and also giving you my top tips for growing the best zinnias! You don't want to miss out on these great flower garden tips!
the only perennials you need for a carefree paradise garden
The Best Low Maintenance Perennials That are Easy to Grow
Perfect for those of us whose thumbs are more tech-savvy than green. These plants don’t need your constant attention to flourish—they’re the independent type.
flowers with the title cut flower farming 17 lessons learned as a 1st year flower farmer
17 Lessons Learned as A 1st Year Flower Farmer
Thinking about starting a cut flower farm? Make sure you don’t make these surprising first year flower farmer mistakes.
many different colored flowers are in the grass
Sustainable Sanctuary: 39 Eco-Friendly Garden Layouts for 2024
Go green and create a beautiful garden that's good for the planet! Explore 39 eco-friendly layout ideas for 2024. Discover tips on native plants, water conservation, and creating a natural habitat for wildlife.
a woman holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands
The 3 Secret Ingredients for Stunning Bouquets — Three Acre Farm
a person holding a mason jar filled with flowers and the words how to raise bed start a cat flower garden
How to Design a Cut Flower Garden in Raised Beds
One simple tip for growing great Zinnias
The Best Companies to Purchase Cut Flower Seeds for Your Backyard Flower Farm
The Best Companies to Purchase Cut Flower Seeds for Your Backyard Flower Farm
flowers in a vase with the title 10 tried and true cut flowers
10 Best Cut Flowers to Grow Your First Season - Lynsey Taulbee
a woman walking through a field with lots of plants
5 Things I wish I knew about growing our first year flowers — Sierra Flower Farm
flowers that are in vases with the title saying 19 of the best cutting flowers
Bouquet Gardens: The Best Cutting Flowers + Growing & Harvesting Tips
The basics of growing and harvesting flowers on a cutting garden plus extensive lists of annual and perennial flowers to grow in your cutting garden.
an image of a flower farm with the words learn about microflower farms on it
How to Grow More Cut Flowers than You Ever Thought Possible - Floret Flowers
Learn how to grow more flowers than you ever thought possible on a small scale. Learn small scale farming techniques from Floret Flower Farm.