TELAR:Gran ejemplo de cómo terminar un proyecto de tejer con la puntada del dobladillo ...

Hemstitching on the loom I have just published my most popular tip as a Kindle booklet: Peggy’s Weaving Tips: Hemstitching! It is an enhanced version of the tip plus a gallery of hemstitching…

Burbs and the Bees: Board + nails = scarf.  DIY weaving.  Tutorial from Sunny Side up Mamma

Nice idea for showing off handspun art yarn. "Burbs and the Bees: Board + nails = scarf. Tutorial from Sunny Side up Mamma"

Using two rigid heddles, you can create mixed-density scarves with this handy tutorial from weaving expert Jane Patrick.

Big and Small: Using Two Rigid Heddles for Two Densities

Here's Jane Patrick, former Handwoven editor and author of The Weaver’s Idea Book to tell you about a technique she's been exploring to create mixed-density scarves using two rigid heddles.