Puerto Varas

Puerto Montt, Chile (south of Chile - lakes and volcanoes) Gorgeous

Puerto Williams, Chile

Mileage Sign Pointing Directions in Puerto Williams by Panoramic Images Landscapes Photographic Print - 41 x 61 cm

UACH, Valdivia. Chile.

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UACH Valdivia, Chile

National Geographic: Valdivia, Chile - Photograph by Charles Brooks (Light from streetlights breaks through morning fog in Valdivia, Chile)

Id love to have signs of everyplace ever lived/vacationed and how far they are away from home :) Cuba 3877km New Zealand 12558km Fiji 10695km DisneyWorld 3393km DisneyLand 2347km Wisconsin 1651km Victoria 1285km Montreal 2464km Yellowknife 1156km Puerto Vallarta 3617km Dominican Republic 4937km 20 takes off #airbnb #airbnbcoupon #cuba

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