Weaving in an embroidery hoop

I am really loving the craft of weaving right now, what a clever way to use your embroidery Hoop.Weaving in an embroidery hoop Yeah ik heb nog wat ringen en een vierkant liggen, joepie weven dus!

Handwoven Wall Hangings | Earl Grey Blog http://earlgreyblog.com/2014/09/handwoven-wall-hangings.html

My grandma weaves breathtaking wall hangings (and blankets and sweaters) on a giant loom that just looks so crazy and complicated to me.


body loom project

Weaving // Wall Hanging by SPECIALIKE on Etsy <3 beautiful!

One handmade woven wall hanging. Measures approximately 8 in (w) x 20 in (L) Colors: black, mustard, natural

Gallery | Yesvincent

After looking into glitch art, I found this weave which is very similar! Weaving thin stripes of different colours looks very effective, but I would be cautious that it would become too robotic and less natural which isn't what I am trying to achieve.

Woven Tapestry // Wall Hanging by SPECIALIKE on Etsy, $45.00

One woven wall hanging made with cotton yarn and wood dowel. Colors: black, white, tan, salmon, light pink Tapestry measures: 20 in (L) x in

Woven wall hanging Tapestry Wall hanging Weaving Fiber by jujujust

Woven wall hanging Tapestry Wall hanging Weaving Fiber Art Textile Art Home Decor Handwoven Jujujust

Handwoven Tapestry / Woven Wall Hanging / Weaving "Muted Mountains"

Hand woven on a frame loom; inches, beechwood rod and white leather hanging cord, strong cotton warp and wool weft