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tomatoes and pasta are mixed together in the pot on the stove top, ready to be cooked
Best Darn Instant Pot Feta Pasta
Recipe for Instant Pot Feta Cheese pasta with basil and cherry tomatoes.
Instant Pot Crack Chicken Pasta
Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo - A 30-Minute Creamy One-Pot Pasta Recipe!
Instant Pot Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo! This recipe is so easy (just dump it in and go!) and deliciously creamy -- I promise it is going to be your new favorite dinner. #InstantPot #OnePot #Pasta
three sweet potatoes are shown with the times to cook them in front of each other
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
the words how to deodorize instant pot sealing ring in front of an image of a slow cooker
How To Deodorize Smelly Instant Pot Sealing Ring
How To Deodorize Smelly Instant Pot Sealing Ring
Best Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore!!
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
a close up of a person pressing buttons on an electric device with their thumbnails
How To Clean an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
Have you met Instant Pot, the seven-in-one workhorse, yet? It quickly became a kitchen favorite for its space-saving, multi-tasking superpowers. After just a few years on the market, it's still winning over new fans and holding up to all the hype. And while there's little maintenance involved beyond post-cooking cleanup, a few key parts hidden under the lid can make or break the appliance's oh-so-important sealing power. Here's how to clean your Instant Pot (including the silicone sealing rin...
a hand points at an instant pot with the timer on it's display screen
11 Instant Pot Secrets You Won't Find in the Owner's Manual
an instant pot is shown with the words instant pot written in red and white on it
Everything you need to know about the Instant Pot Food Burn Message
the pressure cooker has four buttons on each side to show where it is located
5 Things Every Instant Pot Beginner Needs to Know
Using an Instant Pot: 3 main buttons that get all the work done. Master using an Instant Pot in no time with this 5-step guide. | how to use an Instant Pot | tips for using an Instant Pot | Instant Pot for beginners | Instant Pot tips | #instantpot #instantpotforbeginners #instantpottips #pressurecooking #pressurecookingtips
the secrets to instant pot in pot cooking
Find out how to use the Pot In Pot Method of pressure cooking!