Love the patina and retro-look. Good ol' leather travel bags for a great purse. Cognac Camera Messenger Bag this would be perfect for my hubby's kit!

Selk’nam, also known as the Onawo or Ona people are an indigenous people in the Patagonian region of southern Chile andArgentina, including the Tierra del Fuego islands.

Argentina "La Argentina, el país de los seis continentes". Este lema fue creado para el plan de promoción turística en 1998 haciendo alusión a su diversidad geográfica, natural y cultural.

El pais de los seis continentes

Selknam People during the Hain Ceremony in Tierra Del Fuego. Photo by German priest and anthropologist Martin Gusinde,

Hombre Selk’nam, ceremonia Hain, 1923

Martin Gusinde, Selk'nam man dressed for Hain Cerimony, 1923 - the Selk'nam were the indiginous people of Argentina and Chile and sadly eradicated by genocide

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Selk'nam indigenous people of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile. Photographed by Martin Gusinde, in

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