desierto de Atacama - el lugar mas cerca a las estrellas <3

Southern Milky Way above Mars-like red sands of Atacama Desert. The location is inside Yungay, the driest, and most sterile place on Earth. There is virtually no life on the surface of this region of Chile. The night sky from here is simply amazing.

Siete tazas, VII Región del Maule, Chile

7 Teacups, Chile - Siete tazas, Región del Maule, CHILE - i really wanna go here. its 7 waterfalls that fall into eachother

Futaleufu. Un buen río para practicar rafting.

Futaleufu, Chile - It is home of one of the most powerful white-water rivers in the world.

Lago Chungará y Volcán Parinacota, Chile | Fotografía de Osvaldo Larrain L . en

Lauca National Park is located in Chile's far north, in the Andean range, about 145 Km east of Arica. Photo by Osvaldo Larrain L .

Chile, So. America. Amazing variety of climate and terrain.

Areas to visit: Chile, So. Amazing variety of climate and terrain.

El Monte Fitz Roy, o Cerro Chaltén. Montaña de 3405 m ubicada en el límite entre Argentina y Chile, en la Patagonia,

Monte Fitz Roy (also known as Cerro Chaltén, Cerro Fitz Roy, or simply Mount Fitz Roy) is a mountain located near El Chaltén village, in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Patagonia, on the border between Argentina and Chile.

Las cabernas de Marmol de la Patagonia - Taringa!

In Patagonia, South America, General Carrera Lake is shared by Argentina and Chile. But on the Chilean side of the beautiful emerald-green to turquoise-blue waters, there are breathtakingly beautif…

Salto del Laja, Región del Bío-Bío, Chile

Salto del Laja (Laja Waterfall) is a waterfall 15 miles from the city of Los Ángeles, Chile. It is composed of four spectacular falls, between 130 and 180 feet in height each. - photo by Johan Paquay

Valle de la Luna

Magallanes, Aysén y Los Lagos; tuvieron mayor crecimiento

Everything about San Pedro de Atacama is amazing, but there's nothing quite like El Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)