November 2014 issue [image by Bryan Christie]

Neuroscience Reveals the Secrets of Meditation’s Benefits by Matthieu Ricard, Antoine Lutz and Richard J. Davidson, scientificamerican: Contemplative practices that extend back thousands of years show a multitude of benefits for both body and mind.

December 2014 issue [Illustration by Ben Voldman]

New Class of Polymers Discovered By Accident Eco-friendly polymers strong enough to use in cars and airplanes

June 2014 issue [Image by FOREAL]

The Neuroscience of Habits. June 2014 issue [Image by FOREAL]

October 2013 issue [Illustration by Moonrunner Design Ltd.]

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical firms are only part of the problem. As the science journalist Charles Seife has reported in Scientific America.

September 2013 issue [Photograph by Dan Saelinger; Prop styling by Dominique Baynes]

The Truth about Genetically Modified Food: Scientific American Cover Image: September 2013 Scientific American Magazine

March 2014 issue [Image by Bryan Christie]

Latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space. Get your science news from the most trusted source!

February 2013 Issue

Brain Imaging Studies Show Different Cultures Have Different Brains The emerging field of cultural neuroscience reveals fascinating differences in brain function between cultures and environments.

August 2014 issue [image by Kenn Brown, Mondolithic Studios]

Lunacy and the Full Moon - Scientific American articles decries any claims of a full moon effect.

July 2014 issue [Image by André Kutscherauer]

What’s going on at Scientific American? Deleted posts, sexism claims, a fired writer. - The Washington Post