Pebre—The Chilean condiment everyone should know about.

Pebre-The Chilean condiment everyone should know about

Pebre (Chilean Chili Salsa), a ubiquitous Chilean condiment that can be found accompanying a wide variety of meals throughout the country, in restaurants and homes alike, was a revelation to me. It was love at first bi…

Volcán en Chile.

"Amazing photo of Mount Ararat, Turkey". except, Mount Ararat has been dormant for at least years Millenium, B. This is a photo manipulation by Sako Tchilingirian. The ash cloud is from a Chilean volcano.

Valparaiso, Chile

Hanging house over 100 year old cable car Valparaiso Chile. more with healing sounds:

Sophie Wainwright An illustrated map of some great spots in Valparaiso, Chile in South America.

Really not how I had envisioned this map at all. After spending so long making the pencil sketches, then completely re-doing them to mak.