SebastianX²³06 DelaFuente

SebastianX²³06 DelaFuente

SebastianX²³06 DelaFuente
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Doblar servilletas para una comida perfecta

Learn how to create this chic napkin fold for your next dinner party with the triple pocket napkin fold tutorial. *Hint: Use an iron and starch for a more pressed look. Other Thanksgiving-themed napkin folding tutorials: Party on, Smarties! Ashley Photo S

ideas para cumplir el sueños de mi man caves

I might have to make this for the man cave. Hang a couple around the man cave (with fake guns, no way he could help himself if they were real)

warewolves y vampiros a beber tu sangre

The wolf always shows it's true nature to the ones it doesn't like. Alex turned back into his wolf form, killing the two hunters with his bare teeth.