sebastian larroulet

sebastian larroulet

sebastian larroulet
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The advocacy of place-shaking comes before the implementation of place-making. Grass roots politics first, and then place-less nowhere's can be retrofitted for livability.

"Placeshaking" Connecting with networks of shared interest -- phone calls and rallies and conversations and demonstration projects

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With Madrhiggs. also you can create or manage your photovoltaic system with the economic help of the people. SMIT’s Tensile Solar panels can transform public spaces such as outdoor markets into an energy producer.

Ephemeral roof for a block party. Alonso, Mario and Aldo. Monterrey, Mexico

Submit examples of “tactical urbanisms” from your city—temporary projects that aim to make cities more livable—to the Uneven Growth exhibition website. [Ephemeral roof for a block party.