Como hacer bizcochitos con sólo 2 ingredientes

Como hacer bizcochitos con sólo 2 ingredientes

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Pan Amasado

Hallullas are a very popular Chilean bread. They are simple, round, rather plain-looking breads, but they are quite tasty and rich, th.

Aprende a preparar pan amasado chileno con esta rica y fácil receta.  Esta receta para hacer pan fácil es ideal para quienes cocinan con algo de apuro. El pan amasad...

Receta de Pan amasado chileno

Chilean pan amasado is a kneaded bread loved throughout Chile. Here's how to make pan amasado and enjoy this delicious bread.

Foto de receta: Pancitos caseros de manteca

Pancitos caseros de manteca


{China}Chinese scallion(green onion) pancake Gotta try this. I don't do well with syrupy sugary pancakes.


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