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"Chile was ivented by a poet", according to Pablo Neruda, who might have had in mind the inspiring mountain vistas of Torres del Paine. Photo by Jerry Alexander/Getty Images

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A massive Andean glacier, part of the Southern Patagonian ice field, comes to a spectacular terminus in the waters of a Torres del Paine lake.

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Uniform of the Chilean Police. Presidential Palace, Santiago Guards stand watch outside La Moneda, the presidential palace in Santiago.

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Santiago is the cosmopolitan capital of Chile, a nation in which nearly nine out of ten people live in urban areas

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San Antonio Small boats lie at anchor in San Antonio, evoking a traditional fishing community. But much larger ships also dock here. This city has become Chile’s primary big-ship cargo port, moving an average of some 12 million tons of goods each year.

Chilean "Porotos con Riendas" - Que Rica Vida

This very traditional dish is typically served during winter in Chile. Made with a base of spaghetti and beans, its name- porotos con riendas or “bean

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