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Silvana Segovia

Silvana Segovia
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#wattpad #fanfic El niñero Lay cumplió su sueño, casarse con Junmyeon, alias Suho, alias Suhina.  Pero el drama telenovelesco parece no acabar cuando comienzan a aparecer familiares, una pareja de vecinos y viejas historias del pasado. Los hijos de Junmyeon siguen siendo unos chicos hormonales y que aún están en pl...

That's not how you girl, Tao, I'm sorry. You don't make a very convincing girl. <--- Taozi is the most beautiful girl ever.

Shownu with handcuffs - ohhhhhh my godddd... any day, any time.....

Shownu with handcuffs - ohhhhhh my godddd. any day, any time.

Kpop Idols In Handcuffs

An awesome little community where we talk about KPOP.

Imagini pentru monsta x trespass photoshoot

Hyungwon with handcuffs - I LOL'd at the pain my friend must have just been in seeing this. she's probably dead. this hurts me and he's not even my bias.


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