Playa Blanca, Coquimbo, Chile.

"To travel is to live," - Hans Christian Andersen Club Playa Blanca, La Serena (Tongoy), Chile


Alpacas graze in Lauca National Park, northern Chile region of Tarapaca. In the background the Cerro Parinacota and Lake Chungara.

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Alzheimer's is a global disease. Elena tells her story: "My mother is a child in an older adult’s body, at the same time she is a woman that has to deal with a history that eludes her"

La Serena, Chile.

The Faro Monumental de La Serena, Chile is a beacon located in the town of La Serena.

Mitraria coccinea, a rare species from Chile with flowers the texture of velvet. Chileans call it Botellita, "little bottle."

Mitraria coccinea is a gorgeous, rare species from Chile with brilliant red flowers with the texture of velvet. The curvaceous blooms remind me of a woman's dress. The Chileans think it looks like a little bottle, so they call it "Botellita".