разные виды вышивки

разные виды вышивки

Hand stitching - couching - Fabric manipulation and textile design - good way of using recycled t shirt yarn

Creating Texture when Weaving Wool Roving

Weaving Techniques

Last week in my post on how to have two different warp thread colors, I had woven with wool roving. I have previously talked about weaving wool roving, but I

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/196933644/1970s-fiber-art-wallhanging

1970's Fiber Art Wallhanging

Gallery.ru / Фото #79 - TAPICES - griega

Pretty much totally awesome - tree, fiber choice, colors, technique - everything!

Peggy Wiedemann ~ "Ballgown For A Mermaid" via peggywiedemann.com *Fiber artist

California Fibers' member Peggy Wiedemann's piece Ballgown for a Mermaid graces the front cover of the Fall issue of Fiber Art Now {ofmars}