Harry Potter

One of the most magical moments of the Harry Potter series is during Harry's first night at Hogwarts when he is sorted into Gryffindor house. Using the ancient


Oddjob: Goldfinger's Butler, Caddy & Hitman- Harold Sakata - before playing Oddjob the Hawaii-born Sakata won a silver medal in weightlifting for the U. at the 1948 Olympics.

La naranja mecánica

Malcolm McDowell and his Droogs (Russian for buddies) in A Clockwork Orange

La Máscara

You might think you're a real film buff.

Pesadilla en Elm Street

Freddy-Love Nightmare on Elm street flicks! Freddys coming for you, Better lock your Grab your crusifix, gotta stay up Never sleep again!

Indiana Jones

Bobbleheaded Movie Photos by Michael Janda, via Behance

El Vagabundo

Legendary silent film actor Charlie Chaplin was rarely seen without his bowler cap.