Anakena Beach - Easter Island, Chile

The Mystery of Easter Island

Easter Island, Chile - one of the top 10 islands in the world according to trip advisor

Easter inhabitants, early settlers carved over 900 statues called moai (only 3 shown here with a zoom lens), the settlers also began cutting down the islands trees and shrubs leaving the island hauntingly empty.

Isla de Pascua · National Geographic en español. · Grandes Viajes. Rano Kau  Desde el volcán se divisan los islotes Motu Iti, Motu Kao y Motu Nui. Los «hombres pájaro» debían nadar hasta ellos y escalarlos para conseguir huevos de golondrina de mar.

“Chile: Rapa Nui national park, Isla de Pascua (Easter Island), Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

8 razones por las que Rapa Nui es le mejor destino.

8 razones por qué Isla de Pascua es el mejor destino del mundo

"The statues walked," Easter Islanders say. Archaeologists are still trying to figure out how.

Demystifying Easter Island With A Kite

An ancient Moai statue on a hillside at night. on Easter Island aka RapaNui (Photo by Randy Olson)