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maillewmodricornplus: "pequeño-geecko:" He hecho mi propio meme "que dibujar plantilla".  Por favor, si lo usa, dime que echar un vistazo z3 "Ah, sí, algo para aliviar el estrés.  "

maillewmodricornplus: “ little-geecko: “ i made my own “draw you squad” meme. Please, if you use it, tell me to take a look ” Ah yes, something to relieve the stress. ” I'm either the reading one or the one bothering them

Draw The Squad

((Closed)) Doing a 'draw the squad' comment on which spot you want! Along with a pick of your OC! Left to right (being squished is)

Dibujo ~ Situación 1

Person on rainbow- Shawn Headlock fight- Luke and Matt Person sleeping- Ben Person judging sleeping person- Dani Person in middle not doing anything- Aubrey Person hanging upside down- Franklin

Colour Scheme Challenge by skraww

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