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Trabajos 3D de modelado, integración o escenas de personajes.
Blender Characters by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Blender characters that i made for the Exam of the class of the same name of this year, The character names left to right are: Denki, Loki and Sik.

Sikrelog by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Just trying new poses and color Sikrelog

Sikrelog Psx - N64 Style by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Based on the tiny devils from Croc, this is maybe what this character should be like in those consoles, when it only started (really simple graphics) Sikrelog Psx - Style

Sikrelog is back! by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Sikrelog Shimeji by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Sikrelog throught time! by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

This is an old character i created long time ago back in the I created him on Paint as a little sprite for a 'videogame' and in a stage like a cave.

Devil Cow by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Modeled in Blender and Painted in Zbrush, btw i don't know why the textures appeared like that, with that lot of blur.

Devil Cow Figurine? by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

I just did that because i wanted to try the model on a background without any good/quality render settings, and for being that simple this actually look.

Cockroach's Henchmen http://sparkusthunderbolt.deviantart.com/art/Cockroach-s-Henchmen-413572212?ga_submit_new=10%253A1384460825

Cockroach's Henchmen http://sparkusthunderbolt.deviantart.com/art/Cockroach-s-Henchmen-413572212?ga_submit_new=10%253A1384460825

3D characters in Blender and Zbrush by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

model for a Bug and Rat made on Blender, Painted on Zbrush and tried on different softwares. characters in Blender and Zbrush

W.I.P. 3D Characters - Blender and Zbrush by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Two characters made on Blender and Painted on Zbrush (They're actually for a animation, for the end of the year) Sorry for the quality of the imag. Characters - Blender and Zbrush

3D Building by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Building by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Cow Rotation - 3D by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Cow Rotation - by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

3D Vehicle - Blender by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Vehicle - Blender by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Zbrush - 3D Head by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Zbrush - Head by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

3D Scenary - Blender by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART

Scenary - Blender by ~SparkusThunderbolt on deviantART