Home made looms ;-) “cardboard box loom,”

Home made looms? This was for a community weaving project, however, if I use a strong cardboard/tissue box, I might be able to create a mini loom for the kids

rug out of recycled sweaters

used sweaters + giant potholder loom = awesome rug--Robin, this is the pin i was talking about. making a wall-sized loom to make a huge rug like this! it would be awesome!

straw weaving, how cool is this?

DIY Weaving with Drinking Straws. *For another tutorial go to Dollar Store Crafts here or the best and easiest way to learn this is to watch the video at Kid at Art here.

woven trivet

recycling ideas: handmade rugs, woven trivet i hope you like this project - it's simple and lots of fun to do. woven trivet diy i have been collecting

woven trivet

recycling ideas: weaving rugs, woven trivet - crafts ideas - crafts for kids