This mother and cub pair is at Wolong National Nature Preserve, a part of the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries. The Wolong center has two types of ‘accommodations’ for giant pandas – the Captive Cages and the Semi-nature Enclosures.

Cometa en el cielo

Three Galaxies and a Comet Image Credit & Copyright: Miloslav Druckmuller (Brno University of Technology)


A mother’s love . This post of adorable animal moms and babies, sprinkled with quotes, is in honor of mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s…


Funny pictures about 30 Animals Hanging Out With Their Adorable Miniature Versions. Oh, and cool pics about 30 Animals Hanging Out With Their Adorable Miniature Versions. Also, 30 Animals Hanging Out With Their Adorable Miniature Versions photos.

cielo de noche

ESO Alma Telescopes and the Milky WayCredit: ESO/José Francisco SalgadoFour of the European Southern Observatory's Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) antennas gaze up at the night sky. Milky Way is visible at left.


Funny pictures about Close encounter. Oh, and cool pics about Close encounter. Also, Close encounter photos.

cielo de n oche

Three Arches Above Utah Credit & Copyright: Brad Goldpaint (Goldpaint Photography) Explanation: The Double Arch in the Arches National Park in Utah, USA. Milky Way Galaxy.


Amazing star trails over the Aussie outback. The swirling spectacles were snapped using long exposure lenses on a Nikon and a Nikon camera by Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison.

Greta Oto o Mariposa de Cristal

A Glass Winged Butterfly on a flower shows us the beauty of nature. See another Translucent Glass Winged Butterfly.See Photo →


“ Monk and Tiger sharing their Meal ” Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. A Monk and Tiger sharing their food. Camera- Canon EOS Lens- Canon IS USM L II, Focal Length- Shutter Speed- sec, Aperture- ISO/Film- Photograph by Wojtek Kalka

torbellino de hielo

Brinicle When the surface of the sea freezes—such as around the north and south poles—it does so in a way that forces pockets of especially cold and salty seawater to gather on the underside of the ice.

1,2,3......45.000, 45.001, ojos perdi la cuenta

What a big insect this was, from a distance she looked like a enormous housefly. Over an inch long, and look at those eyes!