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I created a male and a female Steampunk Plague Doctor costume. Therefore i used old leather aprons, old medical instruments and various leather and created a leather.

Masks worn by doctors during the plague; the beak was packed with aromatic herbs thought to protect them from the disease. Some of the scented materials were ambergris, balm-mint leaves, camphor, cloves, laudanum, myrrh, rose petals, storax. This was thought to protect the doctor from miasmatic bad air. The straw provided a filter for the "bad air". A wooden cane pointer was used to help examine the patient without having to touch them.

Dr's wore the beak shaped mask to treat people who had the Plague. They placed herbs in the beak to defuse the smell.

⚘ He didn't have brown hair. He had bright hair in the sun, black hair in the winter, chocolate-coloured locks in the summer, but he never had brown hair.

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