Beginning Viking Knit Tutorial

Beginning Viking Knit Tutorial — viking knit isn’t hard, it just takes forEVER. also, remember that as you pull it through the draw, it will get longer as well as skinnier.

Cómo hacer un diseño creativo en un telar ✿⊱╮

Wild Salt Spirit: Get hooked on a new creative hobby with a weaving loom kit from Etsy seller TheUnusualPear.


This is an easy pattern. Circles are easy to crochet in general in simple dc, sc, etc.: just keep increasing groupings one more stitch farther apart for each and every new row and the circle should lay flat even if you keep going like that for forever.

Artelia - Accesorios Textiles de Diseño

Artelia - Accesorios Textiles de Diseño (suggestion for other workshops) - Free Crochet Patterns, Crochet Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Crochet and More

This Candy Cane Steering Wheel is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit even when you're driving. Free Christmas crochet patterns are fun to make in festive colors. If you don't wear gloves this steering wheel will keep your hands warm.