I remember doing something sort of like this when I was about 12 years old.  Not nearly so cool, though.  I'd love to set one up in the back yard for the kids and the adults!

Outdoor weaving, so cool - weaving is so much more than wool, or silk or those fibers that we buy at our favorite knitting shop. Fiber can be, and is, found everywhere . I love this outdoor weaving with wonderful fibers found in nature!

Wrapped /

From The Enchanted Home: 35 amazing ways to rock a Christmas present has so many pretty wrapping ideas. now they just need a sweet little vintage Christmas image from Crafty Secrets - lol

Margaret Crowther, Tarantella Tapestry

Textile artist working mainly in sisal and paper yarns. Woven and constructed using original techniques, forms, abstract and figurative wall hangings and free standing sculptures.

Twisted Trees Matty Smith

Twisted Trees - three layered tapestry featuring twisted warps and looped weaving on the top layer, hand-painted warps in the middle layer and a full tapestry woven backdrop.

Fiber art mixed media sculpture

from original pin: 'Teacup, saucer and spoon' by Priscilla Jones - wax, wire, silk, paint and found materials

Rusty weaving experiment

Rusty weaving experiment_love the industrial meets natural feeling of this piece.

Hand Embroidery Necklace Textile Fiber Queen Annes by Waterrose

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