Santiago, Chile. The andes mountains are breath taking

Bulle - Gruyère - Switzerland - Right now, at this time, here I am. In Gruyères, Switzerland. The perfect place to be. I've been eating chocolate and cheese all day long. Now, my belly's full and has never been this satisfied !

Santiago, Chile

Where I'll be in 4 months *fingers crossed* [Santiago, Chile]

Cathedral Reflection - La Catedral de Santiago, CHILE

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La Piojera-bar- Santiago, Chile

La Piojera is a very typical pub and restaurant in Santiago.


Aerial view of Santiago, Chile. Santiago, also Santiago de Chile, is the capital of Chile. It is located in the country's central valley, at an elevation of 520 m above mean sea level.

Vega Central

La Vega Central, Santiago de Chile

A sprawling landscape of stalls and carts in the center of Santiago, Chile, La Vega Central Market vibrates with the brilliance of the country's agricultural bounty.