My future gum shield!

Athletic Mouth Guard fits any mouth anatomy with ease. Stay safe and protect your mouth with our gum shields and mouth guards

These are cool too!

The RDX multi-layered latex-free Monocoque Frame protector provides maximum protection to the gums with the help of the exclusive PolyShok Tech™ that provides enhanced shock-absorbing ability. The latex-free mout

The shin  guards to get

RDX Superior Shin Insteps upgraded model of RDX shin instep is developed with adjustable strap, Anti-Microbial properties, Original Cowhide leather, Quick-EZ Velcro closure and other outstanding features.

cooool :)

cooool :)

These will be my next pair of boxing gloves...soon you shall be mine!!!

Do you want to buy the perfect boxing gloves in Australia? Get RDX boxing gloves, designed to fit your hands perfectly for comfort and safety, at your doorstep.

Have these in yellow, but will have to get the pink ones too!

RDX extra thick Hand Wrap is meant for added protection and is with integrated with quick-ez Velcro closure system, woven carbon fibre, and other enhanced features for added utility.


RDX Shin guard is made using original cowhide leather and has a sleek design to ensure perfect look.