Tania Jorquera

Tania Jorquera

Tania Jorquera
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The chair that is also an enclosable fort where no one will ever find you.

The HUSH chair by Freyja Sewell can be converted into a private rest cocoon. It is made of wool felt. HUSH is currently just a concept, but Sewell is developing the chair for production. I want this. My hermatizing chair

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

Starry Night: Cocoon-Like Bed Lulls You to a Peaceful Sleep. If you can’t sleep outside under the stars due to poor weather or deathly fear of bears, the Cosmos Bed from designer Natalia Rumyantseva is a pretty great substitute

The malleable sofa that's everything you want it to be.

Unique bed made from 120 medium sized sofa balls covered in elastic fabric. The crazy thing about this bed is that you can change its form. It doesn’t have to be horizontal bed all the time. You can pull up the sofa balls.