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a drawing of a bedroom with a bed, dresser and plant on the side table
rest does not need to be justified by hard work or suffering
a drawing of a rainbow in the sky with flowers around it and words that say,'the world is better because i love you '
the world is better because you’re in it
two cartoon characters holding hands with the words tell you pre - ope that u love them
hallihoth | VSCO
a pink poster with the words 99 my beauty is eternal 89 on it's side
a drawing of flowers and butterflies with words written on the bottom right side of the image
I think it’s time I start to care about myself a little more…
a drawing of a butterfly with the words we are all going through something
a drawing of a cat sitting in front of a computer keyboard with the caption being away on my silly little laptop
a drawing with words written on it and flowers around the edges that says, it is not always easy but that's life be strong because they are better days ahead
a cat sleeping on top of a bed with pink sheets and stars in the background
self love ✨
kitty, cat, sleep, self love, quotes, quotes, healing,
a pink background with the words everything works out for me and how today is going to be
c˚ ༘♡
a pink background with the words i am always kindhearted and conscious of how my behavior affects
the words i'm going to create a beautiful life for my self no matter what it takes
pink coquette aesthetic lifestyle style fashion 18
pink coquette aesthetic lifestyle style fashion
an image of a card that says, your direction is more important than your speed
Digital Journals
a drawing of a bed with halloween decorations around it
Eggsdoodz on insta
a drawing with words written on it that says, be open with your love and hold with your laughter
live life
a poem written in pink and purple ink on white paper with hearts scattered around it
To all the girls who are told they are too sensitive in a world that desperately needs to be sensed. Feeling deeply is not your curse. It is your gift.
the words are written in pink ink on white paper
be the girl that you want to become.
a drawing with some writing on it that says, your younger self would be so proud of how far you've come
My younger self
a drawing of two cats in the grass, one is sleeping and the other is laying down
two children with hearts in their hands are flying through the air and one child is holding a heart
a drawing of a strawberry with a hello kitty sticker on it's side
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a drawing of two cats hugging each other in front of a colorful background with flowers
Cute cats listening to music
a yellow sticker with the words you are the brightest star on it's face
a card with a heart and the words i will focus on what makes me happy
what makes me happy
an image of a drawing with the words i'm so glad that you existt
there is always room to be kinder and soter to yourself on the wall
a drawing of a sun with the words you always make my day so bright and warm
a card with ladybugs on it says sorry to bug you but i love you
an artistic drawing with words and pictures on it that say i am really enjoying creating life's magic
I am really enjoying creating a nice life for myself 🧘🏾‍♀️