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Social Class: Homelessness & Housing

This board surveys issues pertaining to homelessness throughout the world. The board interrogates homelessness by specifically focusing on issues related to…
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Photo credit: Nick Hedges
The system isn't broken. It was built this way.    [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of low wage working conditions under capitalism]
rooftop slums of Hong Kong. the poor trying to survive in a rich mans world

Social Class: Slum Housing & Coffin Homes

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(3of5)Criminalising Homelessness [Click on this image to find a visual ethnography exploring a day in the life of a homeless couple] NW NC--83% of homeless ppl are w/out a shelter bed; LA, CA--78% of homeless ppl are w/out a shelter bed. Since 2011, there has been an increase in US laws criminalising homelessness. 53% of cities have a ban on lying down & sitting in particular publc places. 43% of cities have a city-wide ban on sleeping in cars. 9% of cities have a city-wide ban on sharing food.
(5 of 5) Criminalising Homelessness  Sources:  National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, "Racial discrimination in housing and homelessness in the United States", July 3, 2014.  National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, "No safe place: The criminalization of homeless in US cities", 2014.  The National Center on Family Homelessness, 2010.  United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, "Opening doors: Federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness", 2010.
(4 of 5) Criminalising Homelessness  Follow this link to find a visual ethnography exploring a day in the life of a homeless and heroin-addicted married couple: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/videos/matrimony  Average Cost to Serve the Homeless in the U.S.: $87/day to jail vs. $28/day shelter  "I'm...baffled by the idea that people can be without shelter...and then be treated as criminals for being without shelter."  ~ Nigel Rodley, United Nations Human Rights Committee chairperson

Social Class: Criminalizing Homelessness

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What Triggers Homelessness?  Loss of Job is the biggest trigger of homelessness.  Source: The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress (https://www.hudexchange.info/resources/documents/AHAR-2013-Part1.pdf)
Did you know? 44% of homeless people are employed. Shouldn't work be an escape from poverty?  [follow this link to find a bundle of clips related to the sociological study of social class and poverty: http://www.thesociologicalcinema.com/1/category/class/1.html]  Source: www.nationalhomeless.org/factsheets/employment.html
The number of homeless students has doubled since the '06-'07 school year.  According to the Department of Education, the number of such children during the 2013-2014 school year reached 1,360,747. According to the same statistics, the figure was 679,724 for the 2006-2007 school year. Leading the way was California, whose 310,002 homeless public school students accounted for roughly 23% of the nation's total.  Source: U.S. Department of Education

Social Class: Homelessness & Work

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They're driving the prices up because they're buying all of it. Now they're reselling it for higher and higher prices and making huge profits. Some of them are charging ridiculous prices just to let other people use it. So now there are people who can't afford it even if some is available, because it costs so much. People are getting sick and dying because they don't have any! Oh wait. Did I say hand sanitizer? Housing. I meant housing. Damn autocorrect.
"This is exempt property from seizure. This is a widow's homestead" - Farmers take down the sheriff who is trying to evict a widow from her farm after the insurance company failed to do so. Near Lapeer, Michigan, June 3, 1952. Photo credit: Does anyone know who took this picture?
Hate knowing that not only could every renter buy a house, every renter actually IS buying a house - we are servicing a home loan, covering rates, and paying for repairs. We just don't get to KEEP the house - someone else does because they had capital and we didn't. ~ @cannibality

Social Class: Housing Affordability & Eviction

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"Robots are being used to deter homeless people from setting up camp in San Francisco"

Social Class: Hostile Architecture & Deterrence

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There are 4.1 million homeless people & 11 million empty houses in Europe.  Sources: Empty Houses Campaign (UK); 2011 Census (Spain); INSEE Government Research Bureau, 2012 (France); 2011 Census (Germany); Italian Statistic Institute estimated 2.7m in 2011 (Italy); 2011 Census (Portugal); Irish National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA), 2012 (Ireland); Hellenic Property Federation (Pomida), estimate 2012 (Greece)
(2 of 4) The Stats on the Homeless

Social Class: Homeless Population

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Landlords don't really provide housing, they actually make housing inaccessible by buying up more homes than they need. This practice drives up local property taxes and housing prices, all while making tenants pay for the mortgages of their landlords. In this manner, landlords only deepen generational income inequality.
Gentrification is seeing the little life you scraped together in your underserved, neglected community get dismantled, and you forced out.  ~ yeloson
Los Angeles police officers forcibly removed Chavez Ravine residents who had been resisting the city's orders to leave their homes. The city had plans to build a stadium for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop — three low-income neighborhoods that once made up the mostly Mexican-American community of Chavez Ravine...  Photo credit: Miller / Los Angeles Examiner via USC Libraries

Social Class: Gentrification

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