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constellation246:I remember when I had first saw this scene, I immediately thought: Killua finally got a hug. He has needed that hug for the last FIFTY FREAKIN’ EPISODES. Then I noticed that this is probably the first time you ever see him be the one to initiate physical contact for comfort.And then I’m just about crying like the trash I am..

Epic and absolutely heartbreaking scene between Alluka/Something and Killua - Hunter x Hunter, Ep.

Read El licor que nos lleva al amor from the story Lemon para todos \:v/ by (Valulemy) with reads.

Kagome and Inuyasha <3 <3 <3 new family

I had 4 days without school (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and I spent hours and hours working on this pic. I've seen many drawings of Kagome pregnant and said ''It's my turn!