interesting textile art by ruth issett.  Great stuff.  Check out her website below.

Ruth Issett -- Colour Grid __ Exploration of energetic colour using dyed and printed cotton and silk fabrics, layered with hand and machine stitched. 2011 // lots of layers embroidered with pb style coloring


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Mapuche lady in traditional headdress, Mapuche is Chile's main original inhabitants (prehispanic)

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Contemporary Mapuche textiles, Chile, South America via Clare's…

Chile | Studio photograph for a Mapuche woman. Traiguen, ca. 1890 || Photographer Milet Ramírez, Gustavo.

Photograph (black and white); a head and shoulders studio portrait of Mapuche woman; she wears a trarilanko (headband), medella (coi.

Mapuche Poncho, Chile, c 1950

Cowboy, Tribal Dress, Tablet Weaving, Handmade Clothes, Season 8, Folklore, Peru, Tapestry, Argentina