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Apple Ring Pancakes

Apple Ring Pancakes ::: Quite tasty, although in the recipe it says cm" slices for the apple rings, definitely making them thinner like they see in the video because its hard to get the sides cooked if they're thicker.

— Huichol yarn and bead art.  In traditional Huichol...

Huichol yarn and bead art. In traditional Huichol communities, an important ritual artifact is the nieli'ka: a small square or round tablet with a hole in the center covered on one or both sides with.

Rogue Outlaw Cowl por Crisiswear en Etsy, $80.00

Survive the wasteland with our new and improved Outlaw cowl, featuring a newly designed hood and a fold over cowl to mimic an old world western style.

Overnight oatmeal - 5 delicious ways!

Tasty overnight oatmeal is so easy to make and so satisfying to eat! Mix all of the ingredients before bed and you'll have a delicious breakfast ready and waiting when you wake up.

Cráneos alargados que se encuentran en Bolivia, esbozadas como habrían mirado en la vida real.

The Fallen Angels Mated w Human Woman: Elongated skulls found in Bolivia, sketched as they would have looked in real life. Not sure of the spelling but they were the biblical Nephelem (?