Todo para una boda en tonos terrosos
Tu media naranja

Todo para una boda en tonos terrosos

Ahora en las bodas les daremos adiós a los tonos pastel para darle paso al naranja, terracota y cobre, que veremos en arreglos florales, centros de mesa y ropas de los invitados. Inspírate con las ideas a seguir.
an outdoor dining table set with oranges and white place settings for two people to sit at
two white plates topped with napkins and greenery
NormaJRB ✿╮
NormaJRB ✿╮
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The Blonde Rose
The Blonde Rose
four women in orange dresses holding flowers and posing for the camera with their hands up
Mary Lezcano
Mary Lezcano
the table is set with silverware and orange napkins for an elegant dinner party
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a basket filled with oranges next to a sign
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four boutonnieres are arranged on an orange background
Boda ♥️
Marlene MejiaM
Marlene Mejia
the chairs are decorated with flowers and greenery for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception
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orange slices with name tags on them sitting on a table
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two chairs decorated with flowers and greenery on wooden floor next to each other in front of white wall
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a man with a beard wearing an orange suit and flower in his lapel is posing for the camera
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The Painter's Wife
The Painter's Wife
a long table is set up with orange linens and place settings for the guests
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a woman in a white and pink wedding dress standing next to a wall with flowers on it
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