By Pinterest Editors
May 26, 2020
¿Sientes que tu habitación puede ser aún más hermosa? ¿Qué tal un panel de TV para agregar un nuevo elemento a tu decoración?
Save $300.00 until 25 April 2020 Ready to Ship from the California warehouse 6x 1800W AC OUTLETS & 1260Wh CAPACITY. Equipped with large invertor load, which can power most home appliances and heavy duty DIY tools under 1800W (3300W Surge, PURE SINE WAVE) : like TV, Fridge, Coffee Machine, Microwave Oven, CPAP, Drill and Saw. With 1260Wh capacity, EFDELTA can be truly a backup generator that keeps the lights, fridges running for hours. With Patented BMS, EFDELTA enjoys 1 YEAR SHELF LIFE which Solar Generator, Sine Wave, Shelf Life, Microwave Oven, Ac Power, Coffee Machine, Diy Tools, Outlets, Solar Panels

Ecoflow Delta 1800W/1300Wh Portable Solar Generator, NO US SALES TAX! + Free Shipping